The Lovable Princess

World, meet my adorable first niece, Zara Amanda Mizam binti Amirul Addeen Mizam. She was born last Sunday, 7th of August, 2016 at 9.54am. Zara in Hebrew means "princess", in Arabic it means "blossom". While Amanda is a Latin word meaning "worthy of love" or "lovable". Thus, Zara Amanda means The Lovable Princess.

She is the first newborn of KAM's eldest brother and his wife, Kak Emma. Her birth marks the first grandchild for Ibu (MIL) and Ayah (FIL) in the family. We were overjoyed the moment she came into the world.

My mom came to the hospital too. She was among the first to hold Zara.

What a lovely sight. KAM holding his first niece, Zara Amanda. Our time will come InsyaAllah sayang. I am so looking forward to that day. Dear blog readers, please pray for us and our future children. (Thank you!)

 And this was me, with the little cinonet Zara Amanda. Gosh she was sooooo small serious takut nak pegang. Lembik lembik lagi. Eeeeeeekkkk! Haha.

And this was our activity lepas balik kerja. Pasang katil baby. LOL! Yang paling semangat sekali of course Zara's Tok Ayah (My FIL).

Zara, remember okay, Aunty Nana and Ami Ayin bought for you balloons during our first meeting. We gave you your first ever present. Heheh.



We celebrated her first birthday alreadyyyyyy! Gosh. Cepat sangat masa berlalu. I didn't even get to finish this blogpost. Tengok-tengok dah setahun dah. Setahun kepam dalam draft. Bahaha.

Look at that happy smile! Someone is one year old alreadyy.

Of course, me being the cool aunty, I bake her her first birthday cake. Baked, designed and delivered by your Aunty Nana, okay Zara? If that is not love, I don't know what is. Haha.

You guys can check out my business instagram ( I have a dessert business now! That's a whole new story, which I will tell later. Next blogpost, promise. Hehe.  

Us girls with the birthday princess.

Praktis gambar bertiga sebelum bertiga. If we have our own children, this is how our family photo would be. Haha. Okay jap tak boleh bayang tetiba ada anak sendiri. OMG!

Back to Zara Amanda. Siap ada balloons lagi dekat pokok. Aunty Nana is jealous. Haha.

Time ni muka dah bosan. Asyik tangkap gambar je, dia pun dah malas nak layan. Whatever, people! Haha.

This is my in-laws family. Semua datang Putrajaya untuk celebrate birthday si cinonet tu. Sambil-sambil tu lepak picnic bawah pokok. Cuaca pun best, tak hujan, angin kuat. Seronok lah.  

Again, happy first birthday Zara Amanda. Now that you're one year old, we can't wait to watch you grow up to be that cheerful little girl that you are. Please know that we all love you very dearly but always remember to treat and love your Aunty Nana extra special okay? She baked your first cake after all even though you don't get to eat it. Haha.

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