My Best Friends' Wedding

Definition of a true friend: Someone who is as excited for your WEDDING DAY as you are.

Boy, I was ecstatic, because, I have TWO best friends tying their knot on the SAME DAY! Haha. Talk about coincidence, or perhaps they were just trying to torture me? 

Yes, people. Two of my best friends were getting married on the same day. It was on the 25th of March, 2017. I was happy for them, of course I was, but at the same time, garu kepala jugak ni. Macam mana nak attend dua-dua wedding without hurting the other one? But in the end, I managed, haha because it got a lot worse. Why? Because on the 25th of March, I have 5 wedding invitations! 


Semua pun boleh kata quite baik and rapat, but then, you can't have everything in this world. You gotta win some, lose some. So lepas dah discuss dengan KAM, we decided that we can only go to three. Yang lain tak sempat, sebab semuanya jauh-jauh. Rasa bersalah sebab, orang dah jemput, kita kena lah wajib datang. But, I cannnnooooootttt I'm sorrryyyyyyyy! *drama queen*

So, hari Jumaat (24th March 2017), I cleared out all of my schedule and attended the akad nikah ceremony of my highschool sweetheart, long long time best friend, Fyna. I crashed her house dari pagi buta sedangkan semua orang tak bangun tidur lagi. LOL!

Oh! Lupa nak mention, I baked her Hantaran Cake by the wayyy. *blows nails*

It was all from, yours truly. Yes, people, I bake now, it's my new hobby. I can't believe it myself. Lol. Bersengkang mata tiga hari tiga malam buat kek ni. It looks simple but boyyy.. that was some tedious work. No wonder orang charge beratus-ratus for a wedding cake. The effort. Phew!

This was me, all dressed up in my bridesmaids attire, holding the cake that I made specially for my best friend. Since it was so freaking heavy, semua orang tak nak angkat. Haha. Berat weh! Gigil-gigil tangan carry that thing. Haha. Tu baru one tier cake. If two tiers, pengsan. 

These were the rest of Fyna's hantaran. Yang the rest of the bridesmaids have no problems carrying! Hmpfh.

Fast forward to the akad nikah ceremony, awwwhhh.. she looked B-E-A-utiful! I almost cried because I can't believe that my best friend is getting married anytime now! Masa kahwin dulu, I cried like a baby (berhingus, I tell you. Haha) sebab tak boleh tahan tengok muka abah bila dia toleh belakang to look at his only daughter. This time, I was all emotional tengok my best friend sarung her off white nikah dress.

I was with the other bridesmaids. There were 9 of us. Semuanya kawan-kawan UITM Fyna. I was the only one kawan sekolah. Eh wait, there was Zera, one of her school friend jugak. Lupa pulak. Sorry Zera.

Alhamdulillah, sekali lafaz, Fyna & Aizat sah menjadi suami isteri. I couldn't be happier! Comel sangattt.

Hantarans from both bride and groom. Can you see my cake? Teehee.

Us bridesmaids with the newlyweds. So happy to have made new friends. Oh by the way, the one in green is her younger sister.

One with the newlyweds. Awwhhh.. so happy for them!

Then, dah habis akad nikah ceremony, soon after that, terus pergi photoshoot outdoor. Location: taman depan SUK. Pergh! I never knew this place existed. It was like a whole new magical land. Cantik gila dalam gambar. Menyesal dulu time kahwin tak ambil gambar dekat sini. Haha.

I was the photographer yang tak bertauliah bila the OP was busy. Haha. But hey, I took some great ones kann. Walaupun candid but cantikk.

Sayangggg sangat this girl. So precious. 14 years of friendship and insyaAllah till forever. Sampai masing-masing tua kerepot takde gigi pun I'd still gossip with you, babe. Hahaha.


That was on Friday. The rest of this post was on Saturday, 25th of March, 2017.

KAM and I woke up wayyyy (on Saturday, okay?) too early to come to Bangsar, KL. My best friend in UTM, Fafa will get married at roughly 9am. Cantikkk sangat pengantin baru niii.

Nervous! Macam I pulak yang tengah nak nikah nii. Hahaha.

And.. alhamdulillah dengan hanya sekali lafaz, Fafa and Wahid sah menjadi suami isteri. Congratulations you two! Tengok ni, senyuman bahagia masing-masing. Haha.

Can't believe that Fafa is now a married woman. Haha. Lagi tak boleh bayang kalau dia pregnant. OMG! Hahah. Anywayyy, congratulations you twoooo! Sayang sangatt.

Habis Fafa's akad nikah ceremony, we rush back to Shah Alam, to Grand Blue Wave Hotel for Fyna's reception ceremony. Serbu masuk her hotel room nak tengok pengantin tengah bersiap. Aww.. gorgeous sangat! Love the color, love the dress, love the make up! She's a princess for the day.

Before turun bawah, kita ambil gambar dekat atas dulu. Pengantin baru vs pengantin still lagi baru tak kira nak jugak. Hahaha. 

Beautiful dais, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. So happy for the both of you, finally tying the knot. Alhamdulillah. Oh yes, the one thing I love about weddings, you get to meet your friends. Weddings are actually a reunion, if you know what I mean. Haha. So good to catch up with some of my good friends. Lama tak jumpa masing-masing.

Some even dah ada anak dah!

Had to say good bye to the newlyweds to attend another wedding. The third and final wedding for the day. KAM's high school friend, Haziq and Hawa.

Alhamdulillah. Barakallah to all newlyweds. Thank you for inviting KAM and I to your weddings. We were honoured to be able to witness your most memorable and special day. To all newlyweds, I pray the best for you, and hope that your marriage will last til Jannah. Love your spouse more than you love your career, hobbies and money, because those things can't love you back. ;)

A happy marriage is about three things:
Memories of togetherness
Forgiveness of mistakes
And a promise to never give up on each other.

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