#KhairilNanaOnVacay : Hello, Barcelona! (Part 2)

So, part 2 continues.. (Here's Part 1)

Haha. So sorry for the long wait guys. I had tons of things to do but with soooo little time. I need at least 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Okay I shouldn't have said that. I should prioritize, I guess. Yep. I'll do that from now on. Hmm.


Part 2 of #KhairilNanaOnVacay.. 

After what seemed like the longest night of my life, I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel, yayyyy!


We arrived at Ataturk Airport pun a few hours before dawn. I think around 3-4am if I'm not mistaken. So, yeahhh.. it's still dark. Yes, dark. Still-no-sunshine-dark. Seriously, waktu ni memang rindu waktu siang. Rasa macam dah lama sangat tak nampak matahari. Haha. Things we took for granted, bila dah tak ada baru rasa kehilangan. We had to wait for a couple of hours to catch our next flight which was at 9am if tak silap.

Finally dah siang! Woohoo! Haha. Waktu ni tengah tunggu untuk dipanggil. Lama gila, serious mengantuk. The local people dekat airport ni quite helpful jugak la. I guess it's because of the location - we were at the airport. Everyone will help you when you are at an airport. I don't know. It always seems that way. Don't you think so?

Window seat! Berebut dengan KAM. Mehehehe.

Dia dah malas layan.  -____-

This was my breakfast. I like the omelette. Didn't finish the steamed tomatoes, however. But everything else was okay. 

Our flight took over 3 hours to arrive at Barcelona. Gambar ini diambil masa pilot dah announce kita nak landing, please fasten your seatbelt. Haha. Waktu lain? Bantai tidoq laa buat apa lagiii. Haha. 3 jam larat dok tengok movie. Tidoq pun teraboq lagi. Lol.  

And... we're here! We have arrived at Barcelona Airport. Alhamdulillah, finally. Setelah hampir 24 jam travel. Penat, fuh fuh fuh. Oh and sorry, no decent photos 'cause we were in a rush. 

Naik Renfe train (T10) untuk ke apartment ktorg di tengah town. These are some of the views along the way. ♥

Ktorg turun di stesen Barcelona Sants. 

Anddd... that is all for Part 2 of #KhairilNanaOnVacay! Teehee. Wait for my next post, okay people? There's still a longggg way to go. Till next time! ♥ 

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