#khairilnanaonvacay : Bye Malaysia! (Part 1)

8th of September 2016.
That was the day where I miss seeing daylight so badly. Almost 24 hours of night time. Honestly guys, I really miss the feeling of sunshine on my skin. It was the longest night of my entire life!


It was THE best vacation trip ever. Coz' this time, I'm with my husband! Teehee.

Bila dah ada mandatory passport selfie, of course la kena ada mandatory in-flight selfie. Haha. Forgive us please, we were ecstatic! 

Welcome on board guys, to flight Turkish Airlines TK0061 to Istanbul. This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight. Thank you.

I love it when they say that. It got me excited just thinking about it you know. Do you have that feeling too? No? Okay, I know, I'm weird. Never mind then. Let's see the in-flight menu.

I wanted the cod tapi bila sampai our turn je, cod dah habisssss! *jeling orang depan*
So, takpe lah. Chicken pun chicken lah. Sedap la jugak. A bit bland but whatever. I need the food to help me sleep later. Haha.

Oh, by the way, our flight to Istanbul took around 9 hours. More time to watch movies! Haha. This is our first time naik Turkish Airlines, dia punya in-flight entertainment best la jugak. Banyak movie baru ada. But i chose to watch the Insurgent and Allegiant series (Ye, I tak tengok lagi, lol!). Habis movie baru tidur. Itu pun sebab segan my seat je screen still menyala sedangkan satu flight dah gelap.

Ini view luar tingkap. Langsung tak nampak apa. Haha. Lepas tidur, jaga, tidur, jaga, still tak sampai-sampai jugak. Restless sangat rasa.

Annnnnddddd.. Good morning!
Here's what I ate for breakfast. Fruit salad dia sangat sedap. And the omelette and the mushroom! But I don't like the roasted tomato. Makan la jugak tapi. 

Dah makan breakfast tapi kat luar still gelap gelita. I can't remember exactly what was the time, I think around 3 or 4 am local time Istanbul kot. 

Dah sampai dahhh, finally!

Dear passengers, we have arrived at the Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. Yayyyy! Can't wait to get out of this plane and stretch out my legs. Standing up has never felt so good, seriously. Haha.


That is all for now, guys! My journey still haven't finish yet though. Istanbul ni transit je. There's still a longggg way to go for us. I'll save it for later on my next post, okay? See you! ♥

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