My Wedding Story (#khairilnana) : Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Well, our pre-wed photoshoot were not as hispter or as nice as everyone else's. Hence, the limited photos. Haha. Our pre-wed video pulak, saya tak berapa puas hati. So I ain't gonna publish it for the whole world to see. Na'ahh. But I'll still tell you all about it. It was a fun afternoon anyway. I had a good time.

Ktorg buat dekat Putrajaya. Apa nama entah tempat ni. It sounds so familiar but my brain can't function at this time of day. Hehe. Our first scene, shoot sorang-sorang dulu. KAM had to go first because.. well, simply because I always asked him to go first. Bahah. If I'm not mistaken, time ni ktorg lagi 2 bulan nak kahwin.

When it was my turn, wehhhh tak tahan nak gelak wehhh. Sis mudah terhibur, nak buat macam mana. I had to do three to four takes sebab asyik gelak. And everyone was looking! Not helping, you guys. Look away.

It was really awkward when someone is filming you and you had to act serious but then everyone in the background is smiling and laughing all over the place. I can't be an actress you guys. I just can't. This proves it. Haha. But! I finished it. Yeap. So we head over to the next scene. Scene acah-acah hindustan.

Oh, you guys might have wondered who I came here with. My cousin (not in any of the photos) and my brother! See here, my oh so good looking brother. Hehe. He was the one yang tolong pegangkan my handbag. Macam bodyguard pun ye jugak. Sila rujuk gambar di bawah.


Our final scene was The Proposal. Time ni pun tak tahan nak gelak. Tak boleh tengok muka KAM sambil melutut bagi bunga and cincin. Rasa awkward sangat. Acah-acah je propose, padahal preparation kahwin tengah buat dah time ni. Over mengada. Haha.

It was a fun day, really. Walaupun video pre-wed tak macam yang saya harapkan, tapi, kenangan tu ada. That's even more valuable than a 4 minutes video. Ayat penyedap hati. Padahal.. Melayang beratus dah duit. 

Thanks to my brother yang sangat sweet & rajin nak teman kakak dia walaupun kena jadi handbag holder. Haha. And thanks to my cousin as well. Thank you for the photos!

Again, my brain can't function at this time of day. So I can't remember siapa nama videographer yang ktorg hire. But one piece of advice to those of you who's planning on getting married or are about to, please hire someone yang you trust with their photography skills. Biar mahal sikit pun tak apa as long as you puas hati with the end result. Hire someone who would listen to your ideas instead of theirs. K?

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