How would you react if someone was wearing the same dress as you?


Here's a question for you..

What if you saw someone wearing the EXACT same dress as you at a party or an event? How would you react?

a) I would walk up to her and 'accidentally' pour a drink on her dress. Oops! Muahahaha! (or)
b) Rip the dress of the other person. (or)
c) Feel very... VERY awkward. (or)
d) Smile and wave and have a great laugh. (or)
e) Make a joke out of it. (or)
f) Tell her I like her dress and ask her where she got it. (or)
g) Tell people she's my twin! Yeahhh.. (or)
h) Take a photo together and make light of the situation. (or)
i) Silently hope I look better than her, at least.  (or)
j) Try and stay away as far as possible from her so people may not notice.

Or maybe.. just maybe.. you would do this instead?

a) Sit down and cry. I don't deserve this! (or)
b) Go home and wear a different one! You bet I would. (or)
c) Walk up to her and give her a dirty slap and tear the clothes of her back. *insert evil laugh here* (or)
d) Go to the rest rooms, turn it over and change your swagger. Heh. (or)
e) Glare at her until she becomes uncomfortable. (or)
f) Wait and see if she starts a fight. 
g) Refer f, if she does, I'll accuse her of copying me.
h) Refer g, make everyone believe she copied me.
i) Refer h, tell her to stop copying her role model - me.
j) Kill them.


This happened to me on the day where I went to Shera's open house. I was so busy chatting and laughing with my friends only to find out moments later someone else walked in wearing the exact same dress like me. T_T

I swear to God, everything felt so uncomfortable from that moment on. I seriously considered of crawling under the chairs as an escape route. Haha. However.. honestly, it was an unforgettable moment. I've never experienced things like these so now that I did, its just another story to add to the books. ;)

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?
Do share!


nooraini zubir said...

salam kenal n done folo u.

in that situation, i just feel like ..hurmmmm.. salam tuan rumah n lets calooooo...kekekeke...

Nana S. said...

@nooraini zubir haha malu kann. rasa nak balik terus. :P

Rebellioncute Mischievous said...

wah lawanye dress tue..
#done follow..
Jemput singah sini

salim harmanain said...

Takde perkara lain yang mampu dilakukan selain dari buat2 cool...pastu balik rumah nangis bawah selimut haha..

done follow :)

Izzah Azryna said...

Almost. Hehe. Masa tu keluar ngan kengkawan teringin nak pakai baju tu tapi lastlast pakai baju lain. Sekali tengok ada org, pergi tpt yg sama, dari asrama dan u yang sama pakai baju yang saya memula nak pakai tu. Terus bila cuti baju tu bawak balik rumah

Nana S. said...

@Rebellioncute Mischievous aww terima kasihh :)

Nana S. said...

@salim harmanain hahaha comel sangat nangis bawah selimut :D

Nana S. said...

@Izzah Azryna terus tak nak pakai dah baju tu kan! haha sama laaa

WanNurAtiqah ♥ said...

Rasa macam nak lempang tapi tak boleh. So, bawak diri jauh-jauh dari dia ^^