Good news!


Hai kawan-kawan. Notice anything different about my blog? No?
How about, if I tell you to look at your browser right now. What do you see?

Url blog saya dah lainn. Hihik. No more!

Sekarang dah bertukar ke..

Its a lot easier to remember. Tak perlu belit-belit lidah sebut Purple-White-Stripes. Haha. & notice how my domain dah bertukar kepada dotmy instead of dotblogspotdotcom? Hihi. All thanks to Nanie from =D

For those of you who want to change your domain to dotmy, head over to Nanie's blog. She's offering us bloggers a really cool stuff - free domain! Read it here. Dream come true sangatt. Haha overr.

P/s: Jangan risau, kalau ada yang still tulis pun, it'll redirect to Lagi senang nak ingat, dont you think? I am so happy. Thanks Nanie. =')
P/s lagi: This feeling I am having right now, is like, a feeling of a proud parent towards their child. Haha. Me, towards my blog. Bangga tengok progress dia membesar. *emotional*


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