a friend? no, best friend.

sekarang sedang baca buku baruuu! The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble. haha. seronok betul baca buku baru. heyy, what can i say, im a bookworm! =D

Dear Fyna,

when we first talked to each other, i knew we would always be friends,
our friendship has kept on growing, and i'll be here for you to the end. 

you listen when i have a problem, and help dry the tears from my face,
you take away my sorrow, and put happiness in its place.

we cant forget the fun we've had, laughing til our faces turn blue,
talking of things only we find funny, people think we're insane - if only they knew!

i guess this is my way of saying thanks, 
for catching me when i fall,
thanks once again for being such a good friend, 
and being here with me through it all.

8 years of friendship & still counting.


udie joe said...

amboi...depan umah pun sental..haha :P

Natasha Ting said...

Attracted by your blog header :O An awesome one. So I figured I'd follow you :D

Nana S. said...

udie joe, eh takpelah. ;)

natasha ting: heyy thanks ;)

ef.ae said...

always awesome to have a best friend ;P can b partners in crime! haha..

btw, both of you look fabulous in the pic ;)

IEQAH said...

both so sweet :)

Syura Nasrin said...

yes, thats what friend really are:)

Nana S. said...

aww thank you :)

Lee Ann Izzura said...

bestnya ada ada true friend kan :)
eh bgtw do follow me eyh,i follow u.
u have a nice belog btw :)

Lee Ann Izzura said...

this is my link :) http://leeannizzura.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

alahai..dua-dua shumel! @_@

Nana S. said...

aww macehh :)