to the moon and back,

eventhough today is 8th of January, i hope its still not too late to wish you Happy New Year! =) been caught up with final exam. i still have 3 more papers to go. busy busy bee! hm. so cant wait for it to end. sebab nanti.. nak pergi somewhere. ke mana? nanti lah saya bagitahu InsyaAllah. 

blog sudah berhabuk, sebab terlalu lama ditinggalkan. hahah! biarlah. i have to set my priority straight kan. final exam comes first. anyway, here i am now! hee. there's so much to blog about, so little time. >.<

the trouble with girls is they're a mystery
something about 'em puzzles me
spend my whole life tryin' to figure out just what them girls are all about 
the trouble with girls is they are so dang pretty 
everything about 'em does something to me
well i guess that's the way its supposed to be

they smile that smile
they bat those eyes
they steal you with hello
they kill you with goodbye
they hook you with one touch, and you cant break free
yeah the trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me
Scotty McCreery - The Trouble With Girls

serious comel kan lirik lagu dekat atas ni? aww. im in love with this song! walaupun lagu ini tak berapa nak baru sangat, tapi still suka jugak. kalau dengar & fahami lirik & lagu ini betul-betul, you'll get what im saying. 

ehem. pernah dengar nama Scotty McCreery? winner of the American Idol Season 10. he's only 19. tapi suara dia, OMG! definitely not an average 19 year old voice. for me suara dia sangat sedap & sangat awesome. kannn? *drools*

oh! and cuba try dengar Lee Brice - Woman Like You. lagu itu pun serious sangat sweet. suka lah! tiba-tiba terus rasa nak tanya KAM soalan dalam lagu ni. haha. soalan apa? dengar lah lagu tu dulu. =')

always listens to 
the lyric of a song.


saharinasaharudin said...

snggah blog pink but the owner loves brown :)

Nana S. said...

haha thx

IEQAH said...

ohhhh, k da jwb lom? hehee

IEQAH said...

ohhhh, k da jwb lom? hehee

Nana S. said...

haha dahh ;)