a masquerade dinner party

tomorrow is 9th of January. mesti tahu kan apa ada esok? hm. ramai orang pesan jangan keluar ke KL sebab nanti sesak. tapi, kalau saya dah memang berada di KL macam mana? kurung diri dalam bilik lagi. sigh. i miss home. ='(

alright so, previously, i was really confused on choosing the right theme for that dinner im suppose to organize this coming March (like i posted here). so we had  a team meeting recently and i presented a few of my ideas to them and guess which theme we're gonna go for..?


seriously, sepanjang saya berada di bumi UTM KL, tak pernah dengar lagi lahh mana-mana kelab or persatuan or kelas or kursus or whoever yang buat tema ini, so, we've decided.. why not? and, boleh pakai any colour you like as long as its masquerade-ish. since the theme we have selected is masquerade, so of course, we'll be expecting lots of masked men and women. it's gonna be so much fun! =D

me, being a girl, mestilah akan overexcited when it comes to dinner party. why? with all those hairdos and make ups, dresses, jewelleries! aww. its so exciting. oh except! there's not gonna be any hairdos for me lahh since im wearing hijab. :) the most important part is of course, finding the perfect dress for the night. so i've googled a few just so i can get the ideas on how i want my dress to be like. they're just so.. pretty! eventhough banyak yang sexy mexy tapi i can totally make it work, just by wearing a cardigan on top or simply baju inner kan?

this red on is my most favorite! cantik gilaaaa OMG.

this one down here is just sooo pretty. macam prom dress pun ada. SUKA! =D

i feel like a princess already. =') hahah! okay tak. ehem. this is an event where i am the organizer. so i reeeeeeally want to make this happen. i reeeeeally want this to be the night where people would say, "remember the time when we were at that dinner party with our masks on? ahh. good times." eh. you get my point, right?

i want people to have fun. to cherish the night. to be happy. to enjoy each others company. i want them to remember, thats all. i'll try and make this happen, InsyaAllah. i'll make this dinner a night to remember. wish me good luck! :)

oh and p/s: we've decided to have an award for "The Best Mask". for those yang tak rasa macam nak beli mask untuk attend dinner, wait for my next post! a DIY on how to make your own mask. save sikit duit ye tak? walaupun you can get RM10 for 2 mask dekat TS, but ehh.. kalau rajin nak buat sendiri, go ahead! haha. so, wait for my next post.

there's going to be A LOT of work.


♛ Azie Azra ♛ said...

pilih yang selesa. hehe. kadang ada yg cakap, kalau kite pakai rs xselesa..fashion disaster la tu :)

Nana S. said...

okayy :)

monica said...

ya..saya pun setuju pendapat azie tu..pilih yang simple tapi nampak elegant.. XD

Nana S. said...

okayy thanks monica :)

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

weee hooo!

dah decide dah?


Nursyazwani@bintang said...

oho!! sgt tidak sabar menanti mlm itu~ huhuhu... let's make it happen together!!

Nursyazwani@bintang said...

oho!! sgt tidak sabar tggu itu mlm~ huhuhu... let's make it reality ok sweetie~

Nursyazwani@bintang said...

oho!! sgt tidak sabar tggu itu mlm~ huhuhu... let's make it reality ok sweetie~

Nana S. said...

yayy! wanie bintang ada belogggg. haha. we can do it! :D