she needs 10,000 people!

i am currently in love with Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. sigh. i cant get enough of that song! it gets me everrrrytime. Darling dont be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years and i'll love you for a thousand more. =')

mengikut kata Yuna, "I need 10,000 people for the first ever people powered concert!"

jadi kawan-kawan, apa kata kita join sekali? haha. i certainly did! i was number 7703 kot if tak silap. entah. mula-mula macam, "eh? apa pulak ni?" tapi bila dah tahu, "wahh macam awesome je. nak try lah." so just go to this website: GIVE ME YUNA's CONCERT TICKET! and follow the instructions given, and you'll book yourself a ticket to watch Yuna's concert online! i repeat, ONLINEEE! how cool is that? the power is in your hands boys and girls.

the number is increasing! so hurry up Hotlink users! the concert is tonight, December 14th at 8pm. this is your chance to show Celcom & Digi users you are awesomeRRR than they are. because you get to watch Yuna's concert and they dont. HAHA! 

here's your chance to
make music history!