perlu idea untuk organize dinner. help?

cute gila video I've been proposed & I'm engaged by Dena Bahrin. serious suka! tahniah Dena. awak dah jadi tunangan orang sekarang. aww. =')

alright. so, bila anda diberi tugas untuk organize a one night dinner party, what would you do? what would be the theme for that particular dinner? oh and here's the catch. its not just any personal dinner party as you might think, its actually for Kelab Kaunseling & Kerjaya di universiti. first things first, the THEME. haiyo pening kapla. T_T

so di bawah, i've googled a few ideas and found some yang, well... quite interesting and hopefully, not very pricey. and also a few yang, very mind blowing tapi macam impossible je nak buat if you're on a budget. help me choose please, guys? it'll do me a HUGE favor. thanks! :)

Theme: Caribbean
My thoughts: i love the bright colours & everything. decoration pun simple je. tapi, Caribbean? err. dress code macam mana pulak? and im not sure if everyone agrees on this theme.

Theme: Italian Dinner
My thoughts: absolutely love the checkred tablecloth! but the menu, not so much. because if nak buat Italian Dinner, the foods mestilah based on Italian foods. takkan nak serve pizzas, pastas, spaghetti & so on. mahal wooo. duit duitt...

Theme: All White
My thoughts: this is cute. seriously. suci bersih je if everyone shows up wearing all white kan? aww. suka. tapi, boringnya if tak ada colour langsung. nexttt! 

Theme: Elegant - Black & Gold
My thougts: two of my most favourite colour combination. memang cantik. menu pun senang, dress code pun senang jugak kot? just wear something yang elegant & who knows you'll win Best Dressed Award. haha. 

Theme: Colour - Red & White
My thoughts: seriously, its adorable! nampak very sophisticated but at the same time, relax. loving the concept. but last year they already did colour theme (black & white). takkan nak ulang lagi? hmm..

Theme: Masquerade / Mardi Gras Madness
My thoughts: my Prom Night dekat sekolah dulu tema ini. best. serious best. tapi, to buy the masks & all those decorations, dekat mana ada eh? my UTM girl friends pun banyak suggest yang ini. they said it would be fun. haha. i know it is. been there, done that. :)

Theme: Black & Red
My thoughts: ini serious gaya sophisticated habis. memang elegant tahap dewa. red & black memang cantik if they go together. loving the idea. but again, takkan nak ulang colour theme lagi like last year?

Theme: Cute - Blue & Pink
My thougths: for a girl, yes, i absolutely LOVE this! but yang akan datang nanti, tak semua perempuan kan? have to consider the boys too. takkan nak suruh dorg pakai pink kot? hm. masalah masalah..

Theme: Retro
My thoughts: this is fun. tapi, for me personally, mana nak cari baju wehh? haha. and, the decorations, although memang cantik & seronok untuk dilihat, tetapi payah untuk dibuat. if duit banyak, tak apa. =.='

Theme: Vintage
My thoughts: suka vintage sangat-sangat. the decorations mesti comel gila. ditambah lagi dengan paper disguise yang gambar misai, mulut, specs & etc tu kan? aww. suka! tapi, duit lagi. haihh. 

help me choose please? or any other ideas are also very much welcome. and and and, if boleh tolong suggestkan di mana nak dapat barang-barang decorations di area KL/Shah Alam or Subang Jaya? thank you very much. =)

this is a challenge i have to accept.
big task, big responsibilty.


ANNUR said...

all white! lawa utk ambik gambar kngan.. :)

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

putih cantik oh!

tapi kalau untuk kak, I'll go for balck-red. miahaha.

ANNUR said...

eh tapi mcham berkabung la pulakk dress sumer putih. haha.

Nana S. said...

haha. putih sangat la anis. takmo lah.

kak zara, black red cantik juga kan? ;)

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Yup. Cantik.
Or elegant stuff. Senang nak cari.

But mostly, hitam-merah, rasanya semua orang ada ni :)

Nana S. said...

betul. senang memang senang. tapi, boring la if nk ulang colour theme jugak. thn lps da buat black&white. takkan nk buat black&red jugak. hmm. >.<

Zulaika Nasir said...

kaka nana ! ada 1 event planner ni sumer cute2 ;D

Nana S. said...

okehh thank you zulaika :)

atiqah tajudin said...

hye nana..
nak suggest, kte bfore dis pon kena organize dinner utk kelab under fakulti. ktorang just pilih theme yg baju nye xterlampau susah nak carik n x terlampau costly.ktorang just choose smart n trendy. n if nak cut cost kn, it depends kalo awk buat kt hotel, just tell the hotel about the theme yg korang nk, n ask first whether it include in the package ke x..hehe

Nana S. said...

okayy thanks atiqah ;)