oh barbie doll!

tomorrow is sort of um.. an important day. not that anyone would care, would there be? hm. okay.

the first ever Barbie commercial:

kenapa tiba tiba letak video Barbie? entah. tiba tiba teringat dekat childhood memories. ini lah game yang paling best dulu. kan kan? HAHA! to me, the best Barbie i have ever had was: Sleeping Beauty. aww. rindu pulak tiba tiba! kenapa best? tengok video di bawah:

ada musical pillow! AWESOME!! hahaha. masa zaman kanak kanak dulu ada banyak kot benda alah Barbie ni. i had around 5 i think. baju untuk tukar tukar, tak payah cakap lah. baju dinner, baju wedding & etc. dengan kasut, dengan handbag. haha! aww. good times. =') i had to give them away to my niece. i miss my Sleeping Beauty terribly. i wonder if my child will be able to play this in the future. HAHA! tettt.

while i was writing this post, i googled 'Barbie' & came across their website www.barbie.com. i feel like a little girl once again! haha. i had fun playing their games && enjoyed watching a few videos. i miss my childhood. =') oh by the way, a great song by Tiffany Giardina:

they say that every woman,
 has a little girl deep inside.
i'd say, thats true. :)

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