a man in love with a dimple,

babies are super duper adorable. they have that sweet smell that'll make you want to kiss them continuously sampai lemas. walaupun penat melayan kerenah anak buah, Aisy Syafi tadi, tapi seronok! ktorg main lumba lumba kereta. wooooomm.. wooooommmm.. ekk! HAHAHA!

okay, we're not talking about babies here. i dont have one on my own YET, so, hm. haha. lets talk about marriage. wedding proposal to be precise. how would you like to be proposed to, girls? watch this video below & im sure, i repeat, I AM SUREE you're gonna cry. please spend your 14.28 minutes for this clip. :)

KAM showed this video to me. he said he knew that i would cry. & yes, as expected, i certainly did. honestly. terharu okay? haha. never thought that they would've done something like that. aww.. && she is the luckiest woman on earth, no doubt. they're the sweetest thing everrr. best wishes to the newlyweds! =')

"you dont love a woman because she is beautiful,
 but she is beautiful because you love her."

i wonder how mine would be. 
tettt! haha.


syufaa said...

i really did!
i really spent my whole 14.28 on this vid!
awwwwwww, so sweeeeet!!! ^_^

Nana said...

comel kan? =')

ken said...

creative proposal! :)

Nana said...

exactly :D

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