tall, dark and supermanly

bayangkan kalau tiba tiba korg dapat 2 set anak kembar seiras sekaligus. 2 set?! maksudnya, 4 orang lah. 2 lelaki, 2 perempuan. aww. COMMMEL! tengok video dekat sini: 2 Sets Of Twins For North Carolina Couple.

just finished downloading another Taylor Swift's song. Never Grow Up. hee. tambah lagi collection lagu lagu Taylor Swift. big fan. hoyeah. (bukti, baca: love story, mine ; fight for this love, we were best friends,, im only me when im with him, this love is ours :)taman dan planet) im currently listening to Superman by TS jugee on iTunes. aww. comel sangat lagu ni. =')

oh by the way, remember my no, its NOT friday. post? yeah, ignore that one. here, i found a video on Youtube. someone did an epic edition of Rebecca Black's Friday. Bri Gonzales, your voice is amaaaaazing! i love her version of the song way wayyyy better than Rebecca Black's. heh.

nak anak kembar jugak. 


Syafa Ai said...

ahahaha... llaki tu hyper.. huhu

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


kawan kak zara dapat 1 set~

aaa..sambil buat assignment sambil henjut anak~


Nana said...

fafa: HAHA. kan? xD

kak zara: oh yeh? wahh. :)

ken said...

more beautiful also :)

Nana said...

couldnt agree more ;)