a friend in need is a friend indeed

kepala sangat serabut sepanjang minggu ni. dengan assignments yang berlungguk, dengan terpaksa buat persembahan untuk Karnival Kokurikulum, dengan tak cukup tidur & macam macam lagi lah. ada sesiapa nak switch places tak? jom. heheh. :P

its feels good when you have your friends with you right? friends who you can share your laughter, your tears and even your deepest darkest secrets. having them around you made you feel safe & appreciated. and knowing that whenever you are in trouble, they got your back. true friends are hard to find, and that is why, i treasure every friendship that i made along the way. these are some of my awesome pawesome friends. and the photos were taken during Karnival Kokurikulum's Opening Ceremony on last wednesday. 

a picture tells you a thousand words. NAH! i give you 5. haha. :D

5 thousand words ey?