11 is not a small number

tengok baki dalam account bank petang tadi, dalam hati berkata, "WHOOAAA! banyak gila." (muka excited). tapi lepas tu baru teringat, "oh. abah yang bank in duit suruh bayar yuran." damn. terbatal niat nak shopping. HAHA! =.='

compared to Rebecca Black, this one right here, is a singer that really has a VOICE. she's Maddi Jane. cancel off Rebecca Black. okay done. about Maddi Jane, HOMAIGOD! first time dengar, tonton, lihat, hayati video ni, i had goosebumps okay? her voice is amaaazing! okay, maybe not as good as Katy Perry kee, Britney Spears or whoever. tapi, SHE HAS A VOICE. & her voice sedaaap. suka sangat. if dia masuk record label, i'll be one of her fans. maybe not the biggest, but i'll still be a fan. i like her. she's talented. :)

she was even on Ellen DeGeneres Show!

and and and, this. my favorite song at the moment, Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri. she sang it beautifully. =')

connect with Maddi at: www.maddijane.com/

she's only 11.


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...




better dari Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad


Nana said...

haha. betul!