churp churp!

chatting with my older brother in Moscow and my future husband, KAM via Yahoo Messenger. two of my most important man in my life. by the way, Salam Maal Hijrah kepada semua muslimin & muslimat di seluruh dunia. semoga anda semua diberkati Allah. :)

dah lama tak bukak Nuffnang & Churp Churp. Innit tak payah cakap lah kann. lagi berkurun. tapi tadi bila bukak balik, oh wahh! im making good progress here. hahah. but, err. RM3.75?! thats not something to be proud of. i want the number to increase. please? im trying to do something i've NEVER done before in my whole entire freakin life, so friends, can you help me out? do me a favor by clicking on the ads on your right hand side thousands of time. sampai jari putus pun tak apa. heee.

thanks so much for those who have helped. i'll return the favor anytime. :)

my task is to blog about this:
Pretty awesome promo from #CelcomExec for the Celcom BB Bold 9780 and BB Torch 9800!
Murah murah! mai pakat dok beli. :D

untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari: 
Pretty awesome promo from #CelcomExec for the Celcom BB Bold 9780 and BB Torch 9800!



LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


To tell U the truth, ask people to click ads banyak kali might end up your account been suspended sebab fraud click (ada di T&C Nuffnang)

Anyway, just a suggestion.
If status Nuffnang Nana Glitterati, sila post entry baru di INNIT. Lebih banyak dapat readers and don't forget to ping those post at any available pingsites~


Nana said...

dah glitterati dahh. tapi innit tak reti kot. T_T
wahai kak zara, sila berikan tunjuk ajar anda. haha

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


nanti kak Zara ajar kamu.


Nana said...

okeng ;)