heaven of seafoods

oh. my. gucci. I WANNA GO SHOPPING! help helpp. oh Applied & Fluid Mechanics, once i've finish with you, first stop: Sunway Pyramid! then Mid Valley, One Utama, Pavillion & whatever else. wee. cant wait!

back from Subang Parade. we went out for dinner, me and my family of course. makan dekat Manhattan Fish Market. great food, awesome time. 

we ordered Premium Seafood Platter (RM72.90), Quad Delights (RM 15.90). and as for beverages, Chocolate Milkshakes (RM8.90) for me, Sweet Alabama Smoothie (RM 9.90) for Syafirul, Oreo Kaboom! (RM 9.90) for Syakir, plain water for mommy and as for my dad, he ordered cappucino i think? i dont know. wasnt listening. eheh. busy reading a text message i received from.. ehem, who else? :)

now im bloated. hee.


ForWhat Mok said...

yeah!! shopping.. shopping.. suke.. suke... =)

Nana said...

haha. best kn kn kn? :D