Cuci The Musical 2

i went for the show yesterday at 3pm. it was in Istana Budaya (IB). the show was awesome, i repeat, AWESOME! seriously, if you bought the tickets, they worth every penny. really.

Awie, Nabil, Afdlin & Hans Isaac was remarkable. i love seeing them on stage. during the first 5-10min of the show, i was still trying to get back to my senses - are those people really Afdlin Hans Nabil & Awie? haha. still couldnt believe they're actually right in front of my eyes. performing. and singing and dancing and more singing and dancing. wahh. oh. and btw, Hans Isaac was sooooooo handsome! like, SERIOUSLY! i cant take my eyes off of him. hahah. :P

my point is, i had tons of fun going to IB. thank you to Pos Malaysia for giving my dad 4 VIP tickets. if not, i wouldnt be able to go watch the show. :)
I love youuuu Pos Malaysiaaa. haha.

p/s: at the end of this year, there's another show called 'NATRAH'. i wanna go watch! my aunty, Fatini Yaacob wrote the book. so, mommy wants to ask her to get us some tickets. heeheeee. :P
i wonder if she could ey? pray for me. :D

here are some of the photos i took yesterday;


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


Really cool!

I watched Natrah before, but still, I adore the book itself.


Nana said...

my aunty wrote the book Natrah. :)