last minute shopping before THE registration.

today is 3rd of July. SNAP! its my final day before being a university student. the registration is tomorrow. in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. haih.

oh. i just got a call from khairil saying how happy he was with UTM Skudai, Johor. hahah. i wanna be there too! not here in KL. =.='

hm. so today, i did some last minute shopping with mom. again, the easiest & nearest place to go to, is Sunway Pyramid. spend about a few hours there. hee. went to NICHII and spend RM341.65 at one shot. hahah.
then, went to buy T-shirts in JUSCO. finished shopping in Sunway Pyramid, we went to Shah Alam. to find my selendang. hee. boleh kata, dari pagi ke petang, berjaaaaaaaaalan ja. shopping sana sini. beli itu dan beli ini.

because tomorrow, is gonna be a very busybusy day for me. the registration is at 1-2pm. haih. i wonder how its gonna be. wish me luck. this is scary. :/

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