our new home

this is our new home. its in Alam Impian, Shah Alam. daddy bought it a long time ago. so, we came to visit & to see the conditions of the house.
its been a while since our last visit. to prove it all, the grass is wayy longer than my hair. hahah. nahh. kidding. but, they've grown tall though. someone should really cut it off! :D

andd.. dad said he wanted to renovate on few sides of the house. he wanted to extend the house a little here & there. he was busy discussing with mom. as usual, i was there to interrupt the conversation. hahah. so called architect wannabe. :P

so, these are some of the photos that my brother took using our Nikon D300S. we even visited the houses nearby. all were busy renovating their home. soon, we're gonna be neighbours! haha. :)
this part of the house, is gonna be my room soon. at least, that what i think so. i call it first! and i've told mom & dad about it. but they said, we have to vote on it. oh snap. :/
its a nice place. i love the neighbourhood over here. cant wait to move in. ;)

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