if this is not love, i dont know what is.

omigosh! im shivering. err err. sejuuuuuukk.
to some people, it might sound a little absurd when you suddenly feels chilly in Malaysia. hahah. because, Malaysia & cold weather, does not, i repeat, DOES NOT go along. at all. seriously.
im shivering in the middle of the day. at 12 noon. like, WTH?

huu. my fever is getting worst and worst by the minute. and i haven't had my medicine. hee. :D
malas la mahu makan! boleh tak if nak observe ja whether my body boleh recover sendiri? im big and strongggg. haha.

i've been having this fever since yesterday. back from Sunway Pyramid, & when it was dinner time, i didnt eat. no appetite lahh. coz i had a big meal with some friends in pyramid. btw, i wanna take this opportunity to say, mereka² yang hang out together semalam, you guys were great. really. :)

usually, during dinner, i would feed my cat Garfield first. right after he has finished eating, then only i'll have my meal. hee. :)
mak cakapp, "kakak jangkit dengan demam Garfield." err. really? hahah.

i hope i'll get better tomorrow. tonight's good too, no? :)
aite. i'll update soon.

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