double the wedding!

the feast was held last sunday. in Perlis. my parents' hometown. haha. they're my cousins'. both sister & her younger brother punya kenduri. my Pak Long's children. i helped with a few stuffs! haha. malas da nk cite panjang². no idea & not really in the mood to type banyak² actually. so, here's some of the photos we took.

ada lagi actually. but, dekat pendrive abah. later i'll take the photos from him, then only post dekat blog. okeng? :)

this is Damia Batrisyia. my niece. she's super adorable, i feel like chewing her up! tengok lah. orang pegang je dah lentok dah. omg. nak telan hidup². HAHA! :D

i like the last two photos. to me personally, gambar tu saaaangat cantik because of me. MWAHAHAHA. no lahh. :P
just, suke je. thats all. :)

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