can make me cry, really.

i've heard of this song before. but never wanted to listen to the lyrics properly. i mean, i didnt appreciate the song through its lyrics. before, i listened to it through my ears and not my heart.

but the other day, during my mother's TNB ceremony in Bangsar, (i wrote a post on this) this song was on. and my heart was jumping up and down, thinking: "OMG! what a beautiful song this is. why didnt i notice it before?"
and yes, i sat there motionless while listening to this song. at that very moment, ONLY my heart and my ears were functioning. the others? they were frozen. haha. oh. and of course, my brain! how can i function without my brain?! haha. ;)

throughout this song, i nearly cried but i wish not to. because, it will be so weird since everybody around me was so busy congratulating each other. and they were all happy and excited. how would that make me look if all of a sudden, i was the only one crying with no apparent reason. err. not a wise move to make.

but my eyes were all teary of course. yes. i am very fragile. eheh. i can laugh at about everything. and, i can cry at almost anything. even the simplest thing, as long as it touches my heart. if it doesnt, then of course, crying is NOT on my list. :)
im not a crybaby if thats what you're thinking. oh nonono!

so yeah. this is the song that has really touched me right on the heart. vena cava, pulmonary vein semua lahh! HAHA :P

Kopratasa - Permata Buat Isteri

omg. :')

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