the whole of Selangor & KL

the worst thing about today is: i had to wake up early.
bummer. there goes my beauty sleep. haha. beauty la sangattt. :P

why? well, coz mom wanted me to go with her to Shah Alam Stadium. to the Car Boot Sales i think its called. at least, thats what most people would refer it to. hm. whatever.
they have that on every weekends without miss. before, my mom & i used to go there often but now not anymore since she's busy with stuffs. so yeah.

after we've finished with the Car Boot Sales, went back home and then straight to KLCC.
it was 11am at that moment. yeah. 11am. i've never imagine going to KLCC early in the morning. haha. :P
they have that HomeDec Exhibition today. all stuffs are on sale (low price; discount rate) there was hardly a soul! i mean, not that much lahh compared to the usuals.

we went to the convention center to buy what daddy asked for. a ceiling fan. yes, A FREAKIN CEILING FAN! he made us travel all the way from home to KL just for a low price ceiling fan.
we had to rushed home and stuffs. *sighs
all that trouble we went through just for him. because if he did not get what he wanted, he would nag nag nag nag nag and nag all day long about it. its really painful to hear. so, i'd rather not to.

we've ordered the fan from Alpha. and they promised to send & installed it to our home by the end of the month. overall cost: RM630. for two VS5 fans.

then, we went back home. at home, we had to rush to get ready to go to a 'kenduri'.
it was my mom's old friend's. the house is in Cheras.
i've never been to Cheras before, so yeah, agak jakun sedikit. haha. :P
mom with one of her old friend

oh. and the baju kurung i wore to the kenduri, it was my mom's actually. told ya her stuffs are mine too :)
but then she said, the baju kurung is quite big for her. she said its my size definitely. and i tried it on, PERFECT! haha. she said, "kakak ambiklah baju tu. memang size untuk kakak pun."
WOOHOOOOOOO! haha. dapat baju baru. i looveee it. wee ;D
nice neighbourhood

back from the kenduri, we went to Shah Alam again. but this time, to Plaza Alam Sentral.
coz mom wanted to take me to the Permata Hijrah. coz, i told her once that i wanted to wear contact lenses. but she wouldnt let me to. she said its better if i use the Permata Hijrah than wearing contact lenses.

Permata Hijrah can really help repair your eyes seriously. i've taken the test.
and yes, first try, memang lepas tu, for me nampak clear jarak dekat. tak tipu. betul. i was amazed myself. coz if not, memang dekat pun tak nampak, blurr je. imagine, power 300 both sides. :|
but then, the people from Permata Hijrah said that, if i use their products which cost Rm500 a bottle (coz my power tinggi, so harga pun tinggi lah coz barang nk repair tu up skettt haha), insyaallah in one month time, i dont have to wear specs ever again.

woah! best gilaaaa. haha. for those with low power, the bottle only cost RM100+.
so, mine is pretttttyy expensive huh. :/
i have to talk to daddy about this.
dadddddyyyyyyy... :D

hm. next after Plaza Alam Sentral is to my aunty's house. in Seksyen 7 i think. i dont know. (padahal byk kali gilaaa dah pegi)
and back home, the three of us were totally out of energy. tak larat nk buat apa dahh.

while watching AIM 17, my mom fell asleep on the sofa. poor poor mom.
coz she has to drive the car since this morning till late afternoon, non-stop.
imagine, from Subang Jaya to Shah Alam to KLCC to Cheras to Shah Alam to Subang Jaya.
sacrifices that she made. :')

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