ahhh yes. i wanna talk about weddings. :)
to me, they're just wonderful. i mean, can you feel the love once you entered the place where the weddings take place. i can. no, seriously.

not to brag or anything here, but yes, i honestly can feel the love between the bride & groom, the family of the bride & groom, the relatives, friends, neighbours & all sorts. how they're helping with each other. greeting the guests, smiling to the photographers all day long. in order to ensure that the wedding will go on smoothly.
all are cheering and celebrating for the two important people of the day, the bride & the groom. which are also called, the Raja Sehari. you get to be king & queen for a day! haha.

recently, i attended a wedding of my neighbour's. it was held in Dewan Banquet, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam's building. the theme was pink and blue. OH MY GOSH!
those two colours are one of the most perrrfect combinations. the bride was Rima, while the groom was Mukmin.
Mukmin is the son of our neighbour, i would call him Uncle Hilmi. his daughter, whose age is the same as mine, 19, named Mardhiyyah is my childhood friend. yes. we used to play together back then. and we even went to the same kindergarten. :)
she was my BFF at that particular time. now she's in Egypt i think. doing medic.
soon to be doctor. haha. i miss her loads. ;)

back to the main topic, weddings.
i personally admire the bond, the relationship between two people. a man and a woman to be exact. couples. doesnt matter the age range. oh yes. i loveee to observe how they communicate with each other.
my point is, their body languages, the way they talk to each other, the way they, in a way of their own are appreciating each other's company. its as if, they're saying, 'im glad i have you by my side'.
some couples would be very romantic, they held hands, they snuggle with each other, they kissed. just an alternatives of saying 'i love you' and some would be more of a relax & simple kind of relationship. as in, they dont show much of their love to the public. they keep it to themselves. but when it comes to just the two of them together, aww. :)
but there are some thats just plain heartless. heh. am i allowed to say that? erh. sorry. :P
i mean, they dont really know how to tell that special someone about how they are really feeling inside. because they dont show them at all to the other person. how are they suppose to figure it out?

oh. and, i love observing the mother and their babies. oh my. it is THE MOST beautiful relationship everr. nothing can compare to this. seriously. really.
i love seeing the way the mother will touch her baby gently putting them to sleep or tucking them in.
the way they take a reaaaaally good care of their babies. extra careful on everything!
and of course, the way the mother holds their child. as if, it is the most fragile thing in the world.
since they're so tiny. OMG I LOVE BABIES! hee :D

these are the two most beautiful relationships, i think, personally. i admire them the most.
and i will always be observing them whenever i go. whether its in the shopping mall. the supermarket. or even in the toilet! yeahh, especially when there's the changing diaper moments. :D

again, weddings are ceremonies where two people, a man and a woman united in a marriage. they are bonded for life. and i find that fascinating. :)
i believe that Allah has made each and every one of us our own soulmate. there's a man for every woman. 'lelaki yang baik, untuk perempuan yang baik'
and it is destined that we will be with that person till death do us part. its what they call it 'jodoh'.
i wonder who's mine? how is he gonna be, eh? tall, dark, handsome? haha.

i believe in jodoh. i believe in fate. and i believe that Allah has the power to do ANYTHING He wants. so, be grateful of what you have. coz you NEVER know what will happen in the future. ;)
p/s: this is just my point of view. :)

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