slept at 2am last night and i had to wake up early today. hahah. damn it.
way to spoil my day. =.='
i got out of bed a little cranky. so yeah, for the whole day today, i was not in a very good mood.
i laughed a little here and there, but then, i sulked quite a number of times. haha. :P

whatever. thats NOT my point here actually.
i wanna talk about my secondary school, SMK USJ 4. ahh, yes.. sweet memories. :)

i went there with my mother earlier this morning. coz they had this "Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan 2009".
and my brother got a certificate for getting 8As in his PMR last year. but since he's not here, so we had to represent him instead.
i was in the school's restroom and there was no one there. so yeah. haha. :P

i saw a lot of my juniors. and of course, the teachers. aww. i miss you dear teachers.
thank you for all that you've done for me. you've taught me A LOT. one of the reasons why im proud of myself today is not because of myself, but because of my parents, my family and my teachers. little that they know that they've contributed so many things into my life. they have taught me the meaning of it. on how to appreciate life and at the same time how to appreciate myself, in a different way that nobody else could see or do. i mean, not many. :)

okayy. i might have gone a liittttle too far. haha. concentrate on the purpose you're writing this post nana! haha.

so alright. yadda yadda yadda. the school was still awesome. EH!?
pardon me. the school IS still awesome. haha. said goodbye to my juniors and fellow fourians.
then, off to my home. wee. hm.
after that we went to the shops nearby to sent some stuffs to be recycled. YES, I RECYCLE PEOPLE! and im proud of it. help save the earth people, come on! haha :D

hm. soon after that, had lunch. yeahh. after lunch, i went out with mom. just the two of us girls, again :)
and we were back home at almost 6pm. andddd.. had our tea. mhmm.
as for dinner, we had pizzas. yeahh. daddy treat us Pizza Hut. but he didnt eat. he ate rice instead. together with mommy. so, my youngest brother, Syakir and i were the only ones eating those 2 regular sized pizzas. HAHA. it felt awesome. having the chance to eat as much as you can till ur stomach explode! weehee. :D

coz if not, before we had Syafirul, my 16y/o brother and my older brother, Syahmi together in our house. so, there was a lot of sharing and fighting over something. haha. but now, none of that are happening. coz its just Syakir and me for the mean time. thats why we get to eat all the foods! haha.
look at our faces! HAHA!
today is very dull to be honest. i had nothing fun to do except playing my two fat lazy-ass cats. haha. but, i still wanna publish a post.
well, because.. i feel like i want to. thats all.
so, nah! read my boringg story. haha.

next time, when i dont wake up cranky in the morning, im sure the day will be a lot better.
lets hope people. lets just hope. :)

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