mid valleyyy

after i've finished attended the meeting at 9am with Aqua Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur with dad, abg faizal (cousin) and Khairil, i told dad i wanted to go somewhere else, instead of going home.
dad said okay and he gave me money. abg faizal didnt follow because he wanted to go straight home.
i went out to Mid Valley with my best boy friend. NOT boyfriend, but boy friend. its different okayy? haha. people call him Khairil, but i called him Ali instead. :D

we went there by Monorail and KTMB. Gawd there was so many people at the railway stations! and it was extremely hot too.

once we got there, we searched for food. coz he told me he was hungry. haha. "perut lapar eh perut?", i asked him. hahah. we had our lunch at McDonald's. he chose the place coz i told him to. if not, we would've argue for ages about where to have our meal. haha.

done eating, we head upstairs to the cinema to see whether there was any interesting movies to watch. again, i asked him to choose because i was seriouslytotallydefinitelywithoutanyhesitation outdated about the latest movies showing in the cinema. or the ones coming soon. HAHA.
way to go Kedah Matriculation College for making me outdated with almost everything. job well done. hahah. :P

so, we agreed to watch Ip Man 2. i dont even know what that movie was about. i thought i've heard about it before but i cant really remember. haha. "tengok je lahh" i said to him.
coz he was worried that i'll get bored later on in the cinema. haha. the movie was alright. i enjoyed it. :)

i was thinking of doing some shopping but seeing him tired of walking made me change my mind. i cant bear seeing him like that. haha. i can still walk around the place though. nak kata penat tu takde lah pulak. boleh je jalan lagi. but then, i told him it was enough for today. kesiann.
he said dia sakit kaki. haha. sorry ali. :)
so we head straight home.

we separated in KL Sentral because we had to switch to different trains. he had to switch to LRT and as for me, i had to go with KTM to go to Subang Jaya.
i told him that i dont have our photo together yet. i wanted to put it on my blog. he refused at first coz he said "malu lahhh. tayah la!".
i said i dont care. nak jugak. haha. so, here they are.

Ali, told you im gonna put you on my blog. see seeeeeee. HAHA. :D
i had tons of fun with you btw. thanks for spending time with me yehh ali. i gelak² for one whole day. AND ITS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! haha. you were awesome. and always will be.
thanks again. :)

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