its finally out!

oh yes. it has been two days now since the results has gone out. what results you asked?
hm. its the result of all the students of matriculation program in malaysia have been waiting for.
haha. waiting keee? more like, tanak tau langsung! :P

its our 2nd semester PSPM result and indirectly, our overall achievement in matriculation. yes.
total pointer of those 2 semesters and you'll get the final result WHICH, will be used as a reference to mark your spot in the local universities. or even abroad. :)

i've known mine already. yeahhh. im pretty satisfied. although, it kinda pisses me off thinking that how badly i performed during my 1st semester in Kedah Matriculation College.
if only i didnt fool around and concentrate a 1000% on my studies, im sure my result will be A LOT better than this. my 2nd semester's pointer was alright. until this moment, i cant believe im able to achieve that high. haha.

but, tu lahh. what made me really frustrated and devastated is the thought that, if only i could turn back time and undo every mistakes i've done, i would. i'd study my ass off during my 1st semester there. *sighs

its no use now rightt. whats done is done. everything is in the past now. let bygones be bygones. and whatever phrases yang lain. haha.
i just have to look forward, and march straight ahead. there's no need to look back now, dont i? :)

well, to fellow friend-in-arms, all the best to you. and congratulations on your tremendous results. may all of you achieve the best in life. insyaAllah.
kamu semua senantiasa dalam doa saya. :)

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