he's just so.. gay.

both of my cats are males for your information. yeah, tomcats. :)
but, that one night, i caught them sleeping together. hahah. yes. i mean, literally sleeping together.

observe the photo below.
it is real, bukan dibuat-buat & taken on the crime scene. haha :P
OMG?! haha.
the one on the left is Ginger while the one on the right, is Garfield. Garfield is older by the way.
actually at first, they were sleeping separately. there was quite a gap between them. around few meters i think. but then, when i looked at them the second time, they were in this position already.

i was like,

ahaha. and the whole family burst out laughing.
i scolded him by hitting his head with my index finger slowly, but he STILL remained with his i-dont-care-about-what-you-think-about-me-im-gonna-do-whatever-i-want-whether-you-like-it-or-not attitude.

and they stayed that way for quite a while. haha. cheaaaa. i told to my mom, "mak, dorg dah macam husband and wife pulak. nak peluk². mengada lah garfield! GATALL!".

i mean, seriously. how can an older MALE cat has the desire for a younger MALE cat? gawd.
Garfield, find yourself a girlfriend, FAST! and leave Ginger alone.
oh my. they are sooo weird. but i still love them though. :)

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