coco moco coco

i have posted about Garfield and Ginger. so, for now i'd like to post about my previous cat, COCO.
we dont know what had happened to him. one day, he's still here. the next day, he's gone.
he went out and never return from then on. :'|

my little brother was devastated. he even went out with his bicycle to search for our lost Coco.
with the hope of finding him. but sadly, there was no sign of him at all. until now he never come back to us. Coco, if you're still alive i want you to know that i love you. :)

eventhough he's still a kitten, he's very intelligent. he knows his own name. he'd come if you call him, seriously. haha. and he'd never make a mess. eventhough he's very playful.
he loves to play with your hands and your foot. he'd bite like there's no tomorrow. its very painful sometimes, but it'll always made you wanna play with him again. haha.

Coco is not the type of kitten you wanna mess with. even the cats who are bigger than him are also scared of him, you see. he'd chase them around the neighborhood. haha.

i think thats all about Coco. there's a lot to tell actually. but im just too lazy to write it down. just look through the photos and you'll see how he is. the good times when he's still with us. :')

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