an amateur photographer

my day started with me, waking up early. yes. VERRRYYYY EARLY indeed. i had to wake up before 6am. why? because mom wants me to accompany her to TNB Bangsar. they're having an award ceremony for those who have worked in TNB for 25-35 years.
and yes, my mom got an award for her 30 years of services in TNB. :)

as for me, i had to go there as an escort to my mother. and, not to forget, as an amateur photographer as well. haha. :P
i had to carry that humongous DSLR everywhere i go. dah la berat! *sighs
but it was fun though. i was able to capture all these great moments ;)

and this, is a photo of my dearest mother, and me.
i was her image consultant, again. but you see, we were in a rush, so the results didnt really satisfy me, but she's still gorgeous though.
i love her to death. :)

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