3 days of ENDLESS 'fun'

ohh Hari Belia Negara 2010, IM GLAD you're over with! haha.
it was fun, but SERIOUSLY very tiring. damn it. my body was killing me for the past three days. i had headaches, stomach aches, body aches, eyebags and all sorts. haha. my eyes, memang dah sepet, jadi lagi sepet-errr. hahah.
but, it was nothing compared to the experiences i've had for those 3 days. :)

and the people i've met, wahh. they're super awesome. i like them all.
it doesnt matter that my skin is a little darker than before. (yes, saya berbelang. shit.)
hm, eh. it does matter a actually. i dont really like it. haha. but whatever, it will be gone soon enough. i hope so

but not the experiences definitely. mhmm. nothing can replace that. i had fun doing the job. as a hotdog man. i had fun wandering around promoting the hotdogs. i had fun meeting with different kinds of people. i had fun spending time with my dad. i had fun spending time with Ali, again. i had fun doing everything. i enjoyed everything that i did. yeahh.

eventhough penat tu tayah cakap la kann. memang tersangat yang amat. haha.
for those 3 days, Hari Belia Negara boleh kata agak best jugak la. agak. because, im not used to go to these functions if ada pun. tasuke lahhh. orang ramai. panas. sesak. euww. haha.
but then, now kena kerja pulak. so, whatever lahh. try je. first time experience. once in my whole entire freakin life. lepas ni da tau da camne keadaannya.

oh and Ali was there with me too. dia pun keje jugak. haha. siann kamu. penat sangatt yeh? aww. you poor thing. i pity you lahh. you dont deserve all that. i'll make it up to you later alright. :)
hm. there was a lot going on during the Hari Belia. ada parachute, auto show/auto khana, kawasaki, car drift, futsal, netball, miniature golf, boxing, jom heboh, and lots more. eventhough the weather was hot, there was a lot of people there. ada crowd lahh kira.
alaaa. malas da nak cite. letak gambar je lahh. haha.
and these are among the wonderful people i've met and had the chance to work with. :)

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