weird looking bananas

alright so im back from johor. wee~
a lot had happened in pontian actually. it was an interesting vacation i should say.
the reason why we (my family and i)came all the way down there was because, we wanted to pay a visit to my younger brother Syafirul who is now studying in MRSM Pontian, Johor.
he didnt know that we were coming. so it was sorta a suprise visit for him.
but then, when we arrived at the MRSM, he wasnt there. GREATTT!
i said to mom, "mak ni.. tu la nk dtg tak bagitau dia dulu. kan dia da keluar. kita kena tunggu pulak."
yes. we had to wait for like 1/2 an hour for him to arrive.

blah blah blahh..

dad decided to take us all to Kukup Golf Resort for the night.
there, we laid our heads. how was our stay you ask? hm.
i might say, quite enjoyable. i mean, it was okay for a place called Kukup.
eheheheh :P

on our way back home, at noon on april 18th, 2010, daddy stopped by the road to buy some bananas. yes, i repeat BANANAS! hahah.
and there was this one very weird looking thingy to me. i asked mom.
"MAK! apa tuuu?!"
"tu pisang la kakak!"

"BESARNYA!!? pisang apa ni?"

"pisang tanduk."

i was like, "OOOOOOHH.."
now i know there's such thing as 'pisang tanduk'. haha. IT WAS HUGE!
okay, i might exaggerate a little. it was not that big. but, not normal as in the size of a regular bananas. haha. large size eh. sebab dia panjang. sangat pelekkk.

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