temuduga SBS-Senibina, FAB UTM

i had my interview earlier today. annnnd...
it was alright. i mean, it was a lotta fun.
i had a few laughs with the interviewers. although before entering the lecture hall my heart was about to jump out of my chest.
this is a true story! haha. :P

i had to get up early today.
well, because my mom told me so the day before.
so i find the initiative to get up by myself. (coz if not, she'd wake me up. hee)
try guessing on what time i woke up this morning? 5.30am!!
and i slept at 1am last night. only 4 hours of sleep. but i managed to jump out of bed on time. GOOD JOB NANA! haha :)

we (my parents and i) were out of the house nearly at 7am. why so early? padahal the interview is at 8.30am. well, because my dad wanna avoid the traffic. so yeah. hm.
nervous dlm kereta :P

we were heading to Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia, Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. once i got there, looked around... hm. the place is quite small. i expected more. haha. ceyy.. tak guna gila. haha. but its not so bad. quite nice what. ;)

found a parking spot, with the help of the policemen on duty that day. then we went straight to the lecture halls. i was told by the workers there that the interview will be held in lecture halls number 6 & 7. padahal they wrote on the letter 'Dewan Kuliah Kecil 5'. haha.
DK 7

oh. and on the way to the lecture halls, i made a new friend. heee.
her name is Ifa. she's from Terengganu. her dad drove all the way down here. fuhh! imagine what a dad/mom would do for their children. :)

she's my company for the day, until the interview ended. hm.
oh. we were sitting while talking when suddenly a man came out from lecture hall 6.
he said, we have to sign this paper and then they will call all of us inside.
DK 6

at 8.30am, that same man came out again and he asked us to go inside the lecture hall.
and he gave instructions to us saying that we had to sit on places that have papers ONLY.
they put it quite far away. tanak bagi orang meniru kot? haha.
we had to take the Aptitute Test for one hour. from 8.30am-9.30am.
it has 3 sections.

Section 1: we had to draw our own house. no matter interior or exterior.
Section 2: a few subjective questions about architecture. thank God i read! haha
Section 3: we were given plans and lines. we had to draw the plans from a certain view and as for the lines, we had to continue it to create an object or anything that one can associate with.

so yeah. that was THE Aptitute Test. haha.

after we're done with the test, we were told to go outside and wait for our names to be called upon. guess what? my name are among the last that they called! dah start dgn 'S'. padan la muka. *sighs

so, the three of us (my parents & i) had to wait for a few hours.
it felt like ages! my butt went numb! HONESTLY. :'(
there were 41 people overall. and guess what? there were only 3 males. 3 FREAKIN MALES!
the other 38 are females. gosh. what happened to all the boys out there? *sighs
macam mana nak cari calon suami kalau macam ni la jadi?! haha. ;P

i think at about 1.40pm then only my name was called. it was from DK 7. gosh. from 9.30am to 1.30pm. i was suffering back then. haha. waiting is indeed painful. (tiba-tiba)
inside, they asked me about my family, why did i choose architecture, they told me to explain about The Summit's design (since im from Subang Jaya, they said). oh.

and they asked me about one of my drawings from my folio. (luckily i brought them) they asked me what it was. i said its a building. but they saw it as a spaceship. i was like, noo. its not a spaceship. its a building. i explained to them in details. and the guy (there was two of them, male & female) said to me i have an advantage by bringing my folio. because through my drawings, he said, he saw something else but actually it was something else. and he liked it.
i was pleased to be honest. :)

i really hope i'll get a spot on their list. :)

right after my interview was done, we went to the cafeteria and had our lunch. HELLO, starving kot. after all that waiting and suffering. haha.
then went to Kampung Baru Mosque and did our Zohor prayer.

went straight home. and...
not long after that, semua tersadai. my dad, my mom and i semua tertidur kepenatan. haha. x)

ooh. almost forgot. Ali, thanks for calling me last night. you remembered. although bila i test, you terus tak confident. ahaha. sengal kamu. ngeng! but anyway, it was thoughful of you and i appreciate it a lot. thank youu for calling and for wishing me good luck as well :)


XiNzeRy said...

the interview in english or bm?

Nana said...

both. :)

khairrul akmal said...

yg draw our own house tu klo sy wat ape jenis rumah pon x pe ke? mean x same mcm umh sy lh.

Nana S. said...

boleh tp awak kena pandai2 jawab la kalau interviewer tanya ni rumah siapa? sbb nnt kang dia akan ckp awak tak ikut arahan sedangkan arahan suruh awk lukis rumah awk. :)

Farah said...

By drawing your own house, your dream house or the house you living in?

Nana S. said...

ikut arahan soalan pada kertas. ok?

Anonymous said...

soalan section 2
soalan ape die tnye?
boleh bg contoh tak?

Nana S. said...

mcm, siapa arkitek famous di dunia, jenis senibina pada bangunan yg ditunjukkan dlm soalan & etc. tu je. simple questions :)

Anonymous said...

untuk section 1,masa diberi untuk lukis tu berapa lama???
section 3,macam engineering drawing ke??