tears of joy

i started to get bored watching the television. cant stop flicking the channels.
and the next minute, OH GOSH. NEXTTTT!

then my phone rang. signaling there was a message coming in.
it says:

"RM0.00 UPU: Semakan Panggilan temu duga lepasan STPM/Setaraf boleh dibuat mulai 14/4/2010 di upu.mohe.gov/my."

right then, my heart started pounding REALLY fast.
i called mom and asked her where did she hide the laptop.
(because my little brother will be taking his UPSR this year and he loves to use the laptop everyday instead of studying evvveryday. so my parents are, obviously not happy about it. so, they hide the laptop. mhmm. yeah.)
found the laptop. i searched for UPU online.

alhamdulillah. i got an offer for an interview from UTM for the course i applied before. (course dia rahsia lah! tunggu lulus interview dulu okayh. hee)
the interview will be on next wednesday, april 28th 2010.
i cried when i check the results online.
i cant believe i got the offer. because i've tried twice before and it turned me down.
just now, i was fully prepared and pretty sure that i didnt get the interview.
i mean, i didnt put too much hope for it.
but then,


i saw my name on the screen. and it says CONGRATULATIONS! YOU GOT THE INTERVIEW!
i was like, stunned for 10seconds. cant believe what i was reading.
the moment i read the letter they gave me on the web, i was still stunned.
STILL not believing it was real.

i read the letter over and over again. to make sure that i wasnt dreaming.
yes, it was all true. my name's written on it.
and i cried. yes, i cried. and im not ashamed to tell the world that i cried over an offer for an interview. its for the course that i really really reaaaaaally wanted, since i was a little girl.
because i've tried twice before, and it didnt turn out the way i wanted to.
but this time, it did. and im glad. and im very thankful.

soon after i turned off the laptop, i went straight to the bathroom.
take wudhu' and did sujud syukur. :')
oh. almost forgot. and i called Ali. haha.

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