so-called vacation

here i am in Kukup Golf Resort, Johor. others are fast asleep.
well, as for me. hm. still typing, 'busy' with my blogspot and so on. heee :D
i have a lot to write actually. but then, too lazy to do so.
hm. later when im in the mood i'll write down everything here. :)

oh btw. from now on, i'll be writing posts on what had happened during my matriculation programme in KMK, Changlun, Kedah. WHYY?
hm. for no reason. i just feel like doing so.
nk abadikan saat2 kat sana dalam blog laaa.
once in a lifetime jumpa orang2 macam itu. ;)

so yeah. alright. tc people.
i'll update soon enough. :)

in the car with nothing to do. :D

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