a KLCC coincidence haha

last night my family and i went out for dinner. daddy took us to Bidara Restaurant nearby Sunway Pyramid (MY SECOND HOMEEEE!). its kinda our usual place already. he loves to take us there.
macam dah takde tempat lain dah. aha. but whatever, the foods there are damn good. ;)
i ordered beehun tomyam. ingat nak belasah chicken chop, steak or fish & chips.
but then, teringat that i wanna lose weight (kononnya lah kannn..) so, niat untuk makan all those sorts of foods dibatalkan. :'(
beehun tomyam saje lah. wuu. hm.
my parents ordered roti naan. tiba² dorg teringin nak makan yg tu pulak. haha.
as for my little brother, he ordered serloine steak.
fuhh. terliur jugak. makan la 2 bites. hee. ;D
nak dijadikan cerita, time tengah makan, terserempak dgn my best friend, Fara.
gosh i was so excited. gila freakin lama tak jumpa dia kott.
i miss her f much. she was with her boyfie Nazrin and a friend.
sorry dear fara's friend, i didnt catch ur name. haha.
but he's cute though. haha.

oh and. then i switched table. from mine, to theirs. sebelah² je pun. aha.
we talk and talk non stop..

until my dad suddenly interrupt. "kakak, its time to go home."
and i was like, "WHATT?! alaa.."

while i was in the car, i texted Ali. at home, continue reading the book '100 Marvels of The Modern World'. sambil baca, sambil texting.
sampailah tertidur. till the next morning. haha.
agak lewat jugak lah tidur semalam, thats why bangun pagi ni, my mom and dad was pretty mad coz lewat bangun. eheheheeee :P
10.30am je pun. tapi, to me mmg lewat gila la tu. tak padan dengan anak dara. haha.
(cakap je pandai)

oh. and tomorrow, my dad ckp, we're going to KLCC Convention Center.
ada exhibition psl property ape tah. architectural thingy. so dia nak bawak saya pergi sanaaa.
dah involves dgn architecture. and since im soooo into architectural thingy, so yeah.
hm. alright.

jom la ramai2 pegi KLCC tomorrow ;D

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