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like i told you on my previous post 'a KLCC coincidence', that on Sunday (April 25th),
i'll be going to KLCC to watch the property exhibition thingy. and yeah, that morning, as i was getting ready, suddenly my phone rang. signaling there's an incoming message.
i knew right away who was it from. well because, i set a different ringtone for everyone. yeah. it made my life SOO MUCH easier. heh ;D

truth is, i was quite suprise when i got that message from him. didnt expect he would text me. haha. it reads "i mimpi u today :("
it was from my ex-boyfriend, Bie. :)
replied a few of his messages then we stopped the conversation.
he said he wanted me to continue getting ready. haha.

before going to KLCC, we stopped by at UMMC. thats University Malaya Medical Centre in case ur wondering. :)
my cousin was diagnosed with a cardiac problem. poor poor abang zul.

oh, then we had lunch at A&W PJ Drive In. gosh. my stomach mcm nak explode!
i ate too much. haha. yeah meh. just imagine, i ordered Marina Fish Sandwich set number 5.
means, there's a burger, french fries and a glass of root beer. we add on onion rings.
and just as im about to finish my food, my dad asked me to go buy the Mr. Harmony ice cream.
its sort of a banana split. only, in A&W, it is called Mr. Harmony. haha. tergelak jugak actually. SO CUTE!

after we filled our tank (our tummy of course), we went straight to Abdullah Hukum's LRT station. coz abah didnt want to drive the car to KL. traffic jam he said. so okay.
while waiting, apalagii, camera memainkan peranan penting. heee :P

took a photo of my family's boring faces. (tired of waiting) padahal bukan lama pun. baru je sampai. haha :Pin the exhibition hall, (Hall 5 that is)
i was seriously amazed by the models of buildings and houses that they made. cantek gilaaa.
snap a few photos. :)

outside of the exhibition halls, the guys (my dad & youngest brother) wanna go to the toilet.
haha. so i used the time i had wisely. hee :D
oh then, abah asked us whether we wanna have our tea. of course nakk! haha.
although at that moment, my tank was still half-full. imaginelah, we had our lunch at almost 3.
time nak minum petang tu, at 5pm. omigosh.
but, whatever, abah ajak makan, kita makan. haha.

we had our tea at Starbucks. dad ordered a cuppa coffee. my little brother, a Signature Hot Chocolate. mommy, a plain water. (mak jaga badan! haha :P)
as for me, at first i ordered Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, but then i changed it last minute. kesian orang counter tu, and orang yg buat air tu (the bartender eh panggil?). haha.
i ordered Strawberries and Cream Frapuccino. TADAA!
lepas makan, we went to the surau, did our prayers.
and then, straight home.

at home, jumpa penghuni-penghuni setia berekor panjang dan pendek berwarna oren; Garfield and Ginger.
i offered some of my strawberries and cream frapuccino to garfield for no reason.
wanna see whether he'd want it or not. guess what? he did.
he licked my hands. SERIOUSLY!
and so does ginger. both of them loves the frapuccino. haha. tengoklah. sampai mcm ni sekali ginger:
this means that Starbucks make great beverages till the animals are loving it too.
haha ;D

at the end of the day, i went to my room and STILL snap photos of myself. haha.
im not self-absorbed or perasan or whatever ehhh. dah lama tak buat kerja ni.
rindu plak. haha.

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