fyi only. :)

saya cuti. tapi only for 5 days. yay me. =.=
haha. how depressing. but whatever, at least dpt balik rumah jugakk.
lepas ni nono dahh. coz no more long holidays.
straight terus sampai the end of matriculation, which is on april.
then, i'll be graduating. weehehehehe :D
cant wait. pray for me people.

coz right after matriculation, i'll be having my 3 months longgggg holidays,
and then straight to my degree.
how awesome. i'll be taking my degree soon. teheee ;)

aite. thats all for now. :)
i'll be back to kedah on tuesday, by malaysia airlines.
my flight is on 1.55pm. see me in the sky. haha. :P

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