im not leaving on a jet plane

today is my final day here in Subang Jaya. sighs
i've been home for two weeks nowa nd tomorrow is the last day.
time to go back to Kedah. SHIT!

im hating it actually. thinking that my two weeks of 2nd mid semester break is now over.
time to put my head back in the game. time to squeeze my brain off. time to stick my eyes to the books. time to not having enough sleep. time to be stressful with tons of assignments.

okayy. i might exaggerate a little. but, you know what i mean. :D

oh and to you guys, my fellow friends around here, im really sorry for not telling that im home.
if not we would've hang out. really sorry.
its not that i didnt want to (seriously) but its just that i pity you guys for still having classes and all,
so i dont really wanna interrupt. so i guess, let them study lah. i'll sit here quietly. :)

no worries. i'll be back home again. maybe on Chinese New Year.
i get a week holiday. and the crowd goes wild! woohoo!
so yeah. see you around then. :)

p/s: will try my best to update as soon as i could.

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