i wont be blogging much nowadays. life in Kedah Matriculation College wont allow me to do so.
what a hectic life i am facing now. with loads of assignments and stuffs.
dont get me wrong. i am NOT whining. or maybe i am..? -.-
but yeah. its for my own good. so hm.
dont be suprised if i dont update my blog at all. i only check it once in a while.
that is, if only i have spare time. which, i usually DONT have. haha.
oh. and the same goes to my myspace profile. oh and facebook too.
not to mention my friendster. my emails. everything.

point is: i dont online much these days. just an fyi.
so dont delete me on myspace. i dont forget you guys.
its just, i cant talk much atm. pls understand. :)
thanks a lot. ly.

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