back for just 3 weeks

omigosh. its been a while since i last publish a post. haha.
i cant online much before in KMK since it was the exam week.
so yeah. now im back home. in Subang Jaya, apparently.
NOT in Perlis. (yay!)

i've been here for about a week now.
but... i have to be back in KMK on friday. yes, as in.. this friday.
SHIT! what a joke.
they gave us only 3 weeks of holidays. 3 freaking weeks!
21 days is not enough man! :D

so yeah. here, i've been hanging out. with friends.
plus, with someone else. and so on. yeah. :)
im having a blast! coz the last time i remember going back home was on August.
that was the last time i was here, in Subang Jaya.
even during Hari Raya, i didnt get the chance to go back home.
parents asked me to go to Perlis.
and spend Hari Raya there instead. like i told you in the previous posts. :)

hm. im currently at P1 W1MAX's office.
in PJ i guess? idk.
coz my dad wanna use their service. since Streamyx has been much of a problem at our house.
my dad bengang gylaa kot! asyik tak boleh nak online sajaaa. haha.

so i guess later we'll be able to online like usual.
BUT using W1MAX. :)

eh. i dont have much time. ni guna internet kat their office.
alrighty then. till next time.

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