you belong with me

last night, something big happened to me.
at least, for me, i think it is. haha.
donno la how everyone else would interpret it.

right. so. on my previous post, i did say something about my status going solo right?
well, not anymore. hm. im not single.
i came back to him. and he came back to me.
we came back for each other.

i realized that all this while, the reason why i was so unhappy, so not in the mood,
so moody almost all the time, is.. because of him.
and before, the reason why i was so excited, so over the moon, so happy, overjoyed with everything, is.. because of him.

so yeah. he makes me happy. and he too, can make me sad.
i've realized this for a long time actually. but i've been denying the truth.
cause im scared of it. donno why.
last night, i put myself back together, & i told him the truth.
nothing but the truth.

and he listens. he cried when i was talking. i told him not to.
he said, he's too happy, thats why he cried. haha. awww.. :')

to that one & only person, i know that, you belong with me.
and i belong with you. we belong together.
i love youu, everything about you makes me smile.
i go gaga over you, sayangg.

im sorry for everything that had happened.
and i wanna make things better. i'll cherish our relationship.
im so sure that this time, our bond is stronger than before.
because we've been thru a lot for the past two weeks. right?
and look where we are now.
we're still together for each other.

oh. and thank youu for those white roses you gave me.
haha. its the thought that counts. :)

p/s: i wrote about you dah nii.. jangan terasa lagi coz i cerita pasal orang lain okayy? haha.

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