winners are losers. haha.

i feel so dizzy at the moment. my head is spinning like craaaaaaazy..
didnt have enough sleep last night. i slept at exactly 4 in the morning. *heh
WHYYY?! gayut kat telefon lahhh. ahahah. :PP
someone lahhh. teehee :)

and yes, as expected, i didnt wake up for sahur. TAK LARATTT LAHH!
gylaaa mu. tido pukul 4 pagi, bangun pukul 5 untuk sahur, then tido balik, until 7am have to wake up again. HELL NO!
baik tayah bangun sahur, and then tido like there's no tomorrow. ngeheheh. :D

since today's class starts at 9am, (usually every Sundays)
so, i woke up at 8am. MWAHAHAHAHAH! puas hati!
i asked someone to wake me up at 7.30am, but then i said its wayyy too early.
so, tido lah balikkkkk! ngeeee.
then asked my roommate to wake me up before she leaves for class.

after 4pm today, after i've finished every classes for today,
there's only one & only ONE aim on my mind.
that is: tengok katil, teheheheheee. DDDIIVEEEEEE! debush!
and then, good night sweet dreams la jawabnya. :D
alright alrightyyy.. enough about beds & stuffs.

like i told you on the previous post, there's this '1 Malaysia Competition' where we have to decorate our dorm rooms righttt..?
so yeah. i did decorate C2T210's door. i did it all by myself, thank youu.
but with a little help from one of my roommate, Ilah.
the other two, memang haram satu apa pun tak. whatever lahh.
dorg pun memang tanak cooperate kan, so whatever..

hm. i have the picture of our door, but then.. i dont know how to publish it hereee.
because its in my handphone. i dont wanna use the USB Cable and plug in dekat computers here.
because becauseee, i dont want any viruses to get near to my phone.
nanti HABIS semua masalahhh. yang tu tak boleh bukak, yang ni tak boleh tengok.
nononooo. so i guess, later when i found another alternatives, i'll publish it ASAP la yeah yeahhh. :))

but sadly, we didnt win. as expected. haha. biasa lahh. kena terima hakikat. ada menang, ada kalah kann dalam pertandingan. so, never mind lahh. but i did have fun decorating the door. haha. sukeee. lama tak menghias, tak berseni. duduk sini asyik belajar macam bangang. tension gylaaa. so, buat tu kira macam, reduce stress jugak la. haha.

alright. thats all for now.
ttyl. :)

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