dilambung sana sini

and so i have left Kedah Matriculation College. (woohoooo!)
it was since yesterday i've been here in Perlis.
my so-called kampung. haha.

but then, im all alone. yes, ALOOOOOOONE.
my family are still not here.
they're still in Subang Jaya. tonight before midnight they'll get out of the house. where am i staying at the moment? hm.
at one of my cousin's house in Chuping, Perlis.

he picked me up from college yesterday, at around 6pm.
omigosh. i was asleep when he called me telling that he has arrived.
haha. yeah lahhh. can you imagine?
sitting in tat freaking room all alone from 3pm until 6pm?
booooooringggg. tido la apa lagi. haha.

even my next door neighbours pun semua dah balik habis da.
satu blok bangunan kosong sekosong-kosonggnya,
licinnn je students dekat KMK. tinggal la saya berseorangan.
balik lambat lagik,.. :(

so yesterday i spent my night at Abg Am's house. (he's the one who picked me up)
but today? hm. kena check out hotel da. wuuu.
because my Makcik Tini and family are going to stay in the room im staying at the moment,
so i have to move out. or else, mana dorg nak tido 3 beranak?
she has a daughter. same age as my older brother, 20 y/o.

sedih gila mengenangkan nasib. hidup sekarang bagaikan di atas lambungan.
kejap kena baling pegi sana. sekejap kena baling pegi sini. wuu :'(
because my family pun tak balik lagi, so, hm. kena lambung² la.
macam ditinggalkan keluarga pun ada jugak? ahaha. emo lebih.

but then, never mind lahhh. they're still my flesh and blood.
the people im with now are still my family. so, no awkwardness. :)
thank you for having me. mintak maaaaaf banyak² if susahkan.

hmmm.. so.
today im gonna have to stay at Mak Ndak's house.
nearby jeeee. depan² je kot. ahahaha. tanak bla. macam jauh sangat.
mak ndak's house is just opposite abg am's house.
so, i can go back and forth anytime. ehehehehe :D

so tonight, im gonna get my stuffs and spent the night here.
tomorrow morning, my family will be arriving here in Perlis, so,
i'll be moving out, AGAIN. this time, to tok wan's house in Santan.

see what i mean when i said 'hidup sekarang bagaikan dilambung-lambung'?
haha. how tragic.
but whateverr, as long as i have shelter, food to eat and people i know around me,
thats more than enough.

so, mommy, daddy, adik ariff, adik amir and Garfield (a kitten) hurry back.
im waiting for you guys. cant wait to see all of you.
tomorrow (saturday), may be the last day of puasa.
and is going to be the first and the last day i can bukak puasa with my family.
kita tak pernah lagi bukak puasa together tahun ni. again, how tragic? haha.

hurry back mom and dad. i miss you already. be safe on the road. :)

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