im back to KMK, againnn.. uh!

how was my raya? hm. well, one word: boringsebabditinggalkanolehkeluarga.
yes. my family left me in Perlis. wuu.
how sad. they went back last thursday. so i stayed in Perlis until yesterday, ALONE.
went to stay at Mak Njang's house in Kangar. gila rasa ditinggalkan weh.

did you cry nana? OF COURSE I DID!
i cried like shit. haha. bad mood, semua lahh. gila terasaa. :(
hm. wtv la.

i cant wait for the end of october. for the end of semester break.
3 weeks holidays. mwahahahhaha. nk cuti puas². :D

eh. gtg. science informatic class is about to end soon. later :)

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