'1 Malaysia' Competition

i dont really know from when, but until this 5th of Sept 2009,
there's this competition on '1 Malaysia'.
we have to decorate our dorm rooms with recycable stuffs such as newspapers, bottles or whatever.

until now, my room didnt do ANYTHING yet. haha.
but we're going to. no. I AM GOING TO. together with ilah, my room mate.
because the other 2 room mates dont want to cooperate.
so, yeah. just the two of us.

if we won the prize, untuk ktorg berdua saja lahhh. haha. :P
i told them already. and they agreed. so whatever la en.
cause i asked them to join skali but then they didnt want to.
so like, what the hell. haha.

hm. so yeah.
atm, im pretty busy with studies. my finals are coming soon.
here memang always alwayss busy lahh.
with everything.

hm. dah lah.
im late to class already.
ada kuliah maths later. few minutes awayyyy. haha.
tc guys. i'll update soooon :)


Nana said...

pray for me so tat my room'll winn okayyy??
heee. :D

I WANTTT those prizess.

Asyraf Tahir said...

I hope Nana's room gonna win the major prize.

aminnnn. ;)

Nana said...

aww.. acap. ur just too sweet.
haha :)

Nana said...

aww.. acap. ur just too sweet.
haha :)