stuck between those two

here i am again, writing a new post while having the Science Informatic class.
every week im repeating the same routine. haha.
but then, i never get tired of it. kot? haha.
because, its so exciting having the chance to online senyap².
saya kan pelajar CEMERLANG. teehee. :D

as usual, while my teacher is busy helping out other students,
me, myself and i pun busy posting a new blog.
AND busy logging in my myspace. ngaahahaha.
no need to go to cybercafe to online. wasting my money sajaaa.
for 1 hour, i have to pay RM1.50.
lebih jimat jika online di dalam kelas kan kan kan? mwahahah.
buat pilihan bijakkkk :P

oh. and by the way, for the past few days, within this week lah,
omigosh. i had a rough week weh. seeeeriously.
everything is so messed up. itu tak kena, ini tak kena.

but then, at the same time, last week was one of the most exciting weeks i've EVVVERRRR had in my whole entire life.
well, because something really exciting and thrilling and joyful had happened. haha.
i dont think its necessary to tell the whole world about it.
lemme keep it to myself sajaa. :)

to make it simple, i was constantly smiling for the past 7 days. ngahaaah.
yes, constantly smiling. like, ALL THE TIMEEEE.
fyi, im not insane. thank youuu. ;P
but yeah, i was totally on the moon. haha.
been jumping here and there. been laughing my ass off.
been enjoying life in matrix. (i've never liked it before!)

truth is, only now im glad to be here.
i know, and im sure that Allah has his own way of doing things.
He knows whats best for me. He chose this for me so He lead me to here.
at first, to be honest, i didnt like being here in KMK at all. it sucks like hell.
because, can you imagine? having to struggle with your studies like shit.
having to learn a chapter every week. having TONS AND TONS of assignments.
and NOTTT having the chance to have fun!??! *sighs

but then, i guess im used to it now. *heh
even if im not, i'd still have my friends here with me. they've been helping me a lot.
with assignments and stuffs. new friends i mean.
dont get me wrong. my friends in KL pun, dorg memang awesome.
tak pernah lupa korang okayyy? hee.
love them to bits. cant wait to see you guys. miss you so much.

eh. about my titile "stuck between those two", hmm..
im having a hard time making the right decision.
really hard time. because cam, idk lah. its hard.
its complicated. its difficult. i know, i can make it easier.
i have to make it easier. but then, i really dont know how. *sighs

nana, stop whining. get over it! haha.
i guess i'll have to figure out a solution myself.
i decide my own life. i choose my own path. right? hee.
so yeah. pray for me so that i wont make the wrong ones.

i guess that is all for now. dont really have much time.
its almost time. i have to go.
will be updated sooon. :)

Puasa penohhhh! haha.

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